Episode 193 | How To Help Humans Thrive | Jade Green

How to help humans thrive in a positive workplace culture

My guest in this episode of the podcast is Jade Green. Coach, speaker and leadership expert.

There’s a line on Jade’s web site that I feel a real connection to: 

“The fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of business owners”


I’d add ‘leaders’ to that and agree whole heartedly.

It’s a statement that may seem a little too grand at first glance. But I think it’s true. With the amount of time, energy and attention we all give our work, the nature of our workplace culture and the quality of our leadership can and does have a real impact on human lives.

As leaders we play a huge role in the overall wellbeing of the people we work with. It’s a massive responsibility that we should be acutely aware of. We must have a clear plan for how we positively impact the lives of the people we lead.

Jade’s here to share her passion for helping human’s thrive.

In particular, I’ve asked Jade to talk us through her 7 humans needs of employees to ensure they’re productive and profitable.

Lessons Learned

I love Jade’s 7 human needs for employees to be productive and profitable. 

Think of them as a pyramid:

Level 1 – Wellbeing

Psychological safety and physical wellness

Level 2  – Connection

Getting to know the people you work with as humans. To actually know them. We heard the stats about people who have a best friend at work and how much more productive and engaged they are.

Level 3 – Clarity and Certainty

Ensuring we as a leaders give those around as a sense of safety. A big part of that is clarity of expectation in a role. So there are no surprises. No great unspoken.

Level 4 – Significance

Help everyone feel significant – to know that they matter. Their role matters. And they as a person matter. Helping people see the contribution they make to the big picture is an important element to this for leaders.

Level 5 – Challenge

If you’re not challenged, you can’t thrive. Effective leaders need to feel and see the right moments and opportunities to extent people in their role so they have an opportunity to step up – while still feeling secure about their ability to contribute

Level 6 – Future vision

Creating a picture of yourself, the team and your organisation into the future. Here Jade talked about the importance of having goals to achieve something. Whether it’s a hike up a mountain or a professional accomplishment, encouraging the people around us to strive is an important part of leadership

Level 7 – Happiness

Happiness is the greatest hack to productivity and profit. Having happy people within the organisation. We can never over estimate the role being present plays in our overall feeling of happiness.

Gold nuggets

And Jade’s 3 suggests of wisdom:

  1. Focus on whole humans
  2. Paint ‘done’ – use all of the words. Tell them what’s expected.
  3. What you do is who you are

Connect with Jade:

Jade Green is an award-winning culture coach who works with organisations to unlock potential in their teams by instilling happiness as the greatest hack to productivity. As one of Startup Daily’s Top 50 Most Influential Women and over two decades experience, Jade’s point of difference is her authentic no -BS approach which helps leaders understand the human needs of their employees to attract, retain, and maximise teams to achieve flow and peak performance.


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