Episode 196 | How To Navigate The Future Of Work | Michelle Gibbings

Five ways to prepare yourself for the future of work

Prepare yourself for the future of work!

We’re all incredibly aware of the rate at which the world is changing – and the workplace with it.

But what will it take for you and me to be successful professionally into the future? What does the future hold? And how can we prepare ourselves for it?

My guest in this episode is a regular on the show – Michelle Gibbings joins us for the fourth time!

Listen in as Michelle gives us some wonderful insight and helpful advice for preparing ourselves for a successful professional career now and into the future.

Lessons Learned

Michelle says, it’s imperative for all of us to think about how we can best prepare ourselves to keep up and carve out a successful professional path.

Michelle’s 5 ways to prepare yourself:

1.     Embrace change

Getting ready starts with building your resilience for the inevitable change by adopting a growth mindset.  With this approach, you are more willing to focus on how you can adapt and grow and look for the positive opportunities that the change will bring.

As part of this, always keep your finger on the pulse of change as it applies to your profession, job or industry. For example, proactively consider how technological change can impact your work. With that knowledge, you can better plan your course of action as you’ll be more informed and ready to notice the opportunities. 

2.     Get invested

Critically examine your career – where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.  

As part of this step, be clear on the value you offer prospective employers. Everyone brings specific skills and ways of operating to the work they do. You need to be able to articulate that value by explaining how you can help an organisation, business, or client achieve its objectives.  

Remember, however, that what’s valued by employers changes over time, so you must keep your skills and experience offering current.

3.     Focus on connection

In looking to the future, it’s easy to focus on the jobs that involve new and emerging technologies and the accompanying technical skills that support those roles.

Yet, there’s an increasing need for emotional and relational skills as more and more of us work in jobs that involve human-to-human interaction. While the predictable, routine and process elements of roles will be automated or done by robots, what can’t be automated are relational, emotional and leadership skills. Consequently, having strong self-awareness and emotional intelligence is just as important as technical skills.

4.     Find your learning edge

Career success requires a constant desire to learn and a willingness to equip yourself with new competencies and capabilities.  Strive for broad and deep learning by staying abreast of the latest thinking from your profession and complementary occupations and industries.  

For example, read books on topics that expand your knowledge base, undertake micro-credentials or enrol in online courses to acquire new skills.

5.     Build your advisory board

Many jobs are unadvertised, so networking is crucial not just to land a new job but also to help you identify available roles.  Meeting new people will also help expand your awareness of potential next steps, how things are changing and what new opportunities are opening up.

As part of this process, identify the core people in your network who make up your career advisory board.  This board may include a sponsor, mentor or career coach who can help you navigate and adapt to the changing working world.  Their roles are to support, challenge and advise.

The future of work is always changing, and the question to consider is are you ready for it?

(The above ‘5 ways to prepare yourself for for the future of work’ was discussed in this podcast episode and appeared in an article Michelle wrote for CEOWORLD Magazine )

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