098 – Push Vs. Pull: How to really influence people with Bryan Whitfield

This episode is for all about getting in the heads of everyone we want to persuade and influence. You don’t often hear someone describe themselves as an advisor or an influencer. But in truth, that’s what we all are. Working to persuade the people around us that our ideas are with listening to and acting on.

My guest is author and advisor extraordinaire Bryan Whitfield. Bryan has designed a series of beautifully simple concepts that help us organise our thoughts, develop our awareness, and focus our communication. Being a trusted advisor – a person who’s insight is valued an acted upon, is an incredible professional position to be in. And Bryan is going to help you get there.

Lessons Learned

Persuasion and influencing

The power of persuasion. The ability to influence. The status of trusted adviser. They are some powerful concepts that will help all of us achieve our professional and personal goals.

Bryan has developed what he calls his pathfinder model. It’s a template for building trust and credibility in our pursuit of persuasion. His decision model helps us understand how decisions should be made.  And it lets us pick apart the flaws in an existing decision-making process.

Push and pull strategies

Bryan breaks down techniques of persuasion into two categories. Push is the ugly authoritative way. But pull is the dynamic, intelligent way of the true influencers.

Pull desirability, flexibility, reciprocity

Push credibility, scarcity, authority

Push direction or instruction

Pull motivating, sharing, informing, encouraging



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