119 – Real leadership can be messy and awkward | Shelley Flett

In this episode we’re going to talk plainly about why it’s so hard to be a great leader. It’s easy to listen to a podcast where we talk about the concepts of leadership. (Communicating, developing relationships, etc.) But the real world often throws up a lot of barriers that feel so ingrained and insurmountable.

I’ve invited author and speaker Shelley Flett onto the show to talk about being a dynamic leader in a real world situation. Shelley is a coach, trainer and facilitator based in Melbourne. She is the author of two books including The Dynamic Leader.

Lessons Learned

Becoming a dynamic leader

It’s hard to manage a group of people in a large, open office. You have to ask yourself some questions to get it right. How are your communicating with your staff in cubicle land? Just popping into team meetings occasionally is not going to cut it. Your role is to make everyone understand what your common purpose is. If you’re spending your day hunkered over your computer with your emails and your your PowerPoint slides you’re going to become out of touch.

Forging relationships

So how does the dynamic leader really do that on a practical level? It’s about creating the environment where you can bring it together. Operating rhythm is really important. That means regular meetings. But it also means forging relationships between team members. You can do that in a number of ways. Instead, of trying to solve every problem yourself, task one team member to work with another to fix the issue.

Remember, you’ve got to live and breathe it every day. Values are an absolute waste of time if they’re just on a piece of paper or hung up on the wall or put on the website. And they’re not actually integrated in every single conversation that you have with the people around you. I think that if you’re truly living the values, it will come up in any conversation that you have.”




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