Episode 200 | Rediscover Your Athlete Within | Brett Lillie

Rediscover your exercise mojo

Rediscover Your Athlete Within

We all know that as we get older, more tied to our desk or workbench, our rate of exercise – even our basic movement – plummets to scary low figures. You might notice it in your step count if you have a fancy watch.

Lots of authors and speakers sing the praises of regular movement – the importance of staying fit and active through all stages of life. But none of them, that I know of, are approaching the challenge in quite the same way as my guest in this episode.

Brett Lillie is a chiropractor, a speaker and the author of a brand new book: Rediscover Your Athlete Within.

Brett’s message, I must stress, is not limited to those among us whose youth was spent a swirl of sporting glory. It’s for all of us.

Brett encourages you, me, anyone, to tap into the more active, enthusiastic, fitter, more competitive person we used to be, and update that view, making it a positive relevance for us today. Brett wants us to rediscover your athlete within!


Lessons Learned

But during our chat Brett chucked his program into three chapters for us:

  1. Understanding – Cast your mind back to your glory days. Maybe you were an active and enthusiastic athlete. Or maybe you were just more active and energetic than you are these days. Tap into your mindset, and get some perspective. Think about your WHY…
  2. Transforming – What is your image of yourself. What promise are you making to yourself about the future. The future of you? And it’s in this phase that we must pay attention to our energy levels – diet, rest, mindset.
  3. Becoming – Who are you going to become? Where does your WHY take you? Think about your relationships – with yourself, the people around you and your larger tribe.

Connect with Brett:

Dr Brett Lillie practised in his Sydney clinic for over two decades. With a Chiropractic Masters degree under his belt and many postgrad studies spanning across different disciplines, he focused on helping his clients find answers and solutions to musculoskeletal conditions, TMJ/orofacial issues and chronic pain. Dr Brett has recently moved with his family to Tasmania and has himself rediscovered one of his first loves – trail running. When not wrangling kids or cutting firewood, you can find him catching a sunrise from one of Hobart’s hills, taking in the views.



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