Episode 194 | How To Stop Worrying About Money | Jacqui Clarke

How can we manage our money so it doesn't manage us?

This is a topic we have not covered before on the Team Guru Podcast. Money. Or, more specifically, how to stop worrying about money.

Jacqui is eminently qualified to steer us towards a world in which we no longer have to worry about the dollars.

She’s had a long career as a chartered accountant and executive. And most interesting, I think, is the work she has done over 3 decades working with high net individuals and families to manage their wealth.

So how many of us worry about money? What are the most common mistakes we make? And of course, what are the tried and tested steps we can take to eliminate the money worry in our life?

Common Mistakes

The 3 most common mistakes we make with money:

  1. Wearing and driving our money – we all know what that looks like
  2. Doing nothing. Head in the sand. Big mistake
  3. Not understanding the baseline cost of things. Here’s Jacqui hit us with that great concept – how much does it cost open your front door?

How do we fix it?

So how can we position ourselves so we can stop worrying about money?

The 4 steps we can take so our money doesn’t manage us:

  1. Make yourself accountable – no more head in the sand
  2. Get help. It’s not about delegating or offloading – it’s about building your personal finance village
  3. Plan. Set goals. If you don’t have goals it’s too easy to let your money – no matter how much or how little you make – just flow out the door
  4. Educate yourself. Get your head around the basics.

Connect with Jacqui

 Jacqui Clarke is a trusted advisor, board member, executor and veteran business executive, including more than 20 years with Deloitte. She is also a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), a chartered tax advisor, a fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Justice of the Peace. As a personal wealth and money management expert, she has over three decades of experience helping high-net-worth families, individuals and business owners to build, manage and preserve their wealth. Her message is a simple one: with careful planning and effort, you can manage your money, so it doesn’t manage you. 

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