135 – “Girl’s Don’t Lay Bricks”: Teen mum to CEO with Casey Mackinlay

Casey MacKinlay is rarely found on the path of least resistance. After taking up the male dominated-field of bricklaying in her teenage years, MacKinlay was forced to balance her career with the added challenge of becoming a single mother. She rose to the challenge in fearless fashion, with her entrepreneurial drive empowering this indefatigable individual to transcend her circumstances. In this enlightening chat, she discusses her new book ¨Girls Don´t Lay Bricks¨ as well as her journey from ambitious adolescent to accomplished adult.

Lessons Learned

1:54 The Hero’s Journey

The multi-business owner´s rise to prominence was an arduous path, and MacKinlay speaks candidly about the challenges she has faced. Her book represents a running commentary on her experiences with the feel of a coherent narrative. The author goes into detail about the process of taking the book from concept to coffee table, stressing the importance of her support network in bringing the project to fruition. She also speaks on gaining a deep appreciation for concise storytelling. During the book´s two year development period.

6:13 Recognizing Opportunity

It is said that the best ability is adaptability, and MacKinlay´s formative years cemented in her the situational savvy that has carried her career. She recalls a time during her teenage years when, having just transferred to a new high school, she quickly took note of a widespread fashion trend among her classmates. Making the direct connection between popularity and profitability, she immediately taught herself the skill. Not only was she able to earn income this way, but her newfound talent also gained her considerable influence among her peers.

7:42 Surviving and Thriving

Despite the demanding physical nature of her work, perhaps MacKinlay´s most debilitating struggle was in escaping an abusive relationship. Just 17 at the time, she met the future father of her child and almost immediately fell pregnant. It was during this vulnerable time that her former partner began to show his true colors, engaging first in emotional abuse. Heavy drinking followed, and the relationship quickly deteriorated. Teaching through the pain, the author details how the lessons she learned shape her current perspective.

16:50 An Abundance of Initiative

The thread that ties together Casey MacKinlay´s personal life and professional legacy is an abundance of initiative. In her view, creating our own opportunities is the best way to ensure that we have them. From ingraining herself into the population of a new high school to taking the first step out the door of an abusive relationship, the solutions started with her. Of course, outside perspective is valuable and support networks essential, but in the end we must make the most of our own circumstances.

20:57 Boundaries and Balance

MacKinlay makes it clear that success in the entrepreneurial world comes second to her personal fulfillment. Finding the balance between the two took deep introspection and profound clarity about her goals in life. At first, she felt that her position as organizational leader meant being available to clients and colleagues around the clock. Of course, as her son got older, it quickly became apparent that a more nuanced approach was required. The entrepreneur believes strongly that quality time with loved ones is far more valuable than any professional accolades. As a result, her relationships have never been stronger.


Connect with Casey MacKinlay:

Website: https://www.caseymackinlay.com.au/

Email: info@caseymackinlay.com.au

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/casey-mackinlay-8b707541/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp78ENoU9hBn5sEuebUfQ_g

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