We’ve hit iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ list

The Team Guru Podcast is just four episodes old but its audience is growing on iTunes and around the web.

“Bringing the theory of leadership development to life”

If you haven’t jumped onboard, here’s what you’ve missed:

Episode 1 – Steve Hooper

On the fitness staff at the Brisbane Broncos, Steve gives us incredible insight into the way professional football teams approach leadership and work together to grow and sustain a winning culture.

Episode 2 – Pat Howard

A 20 test Wallaby, first grade coach, COO, rugby administrator and high performance boss for Cricket Australia. Pat has learned a truckload about how to manage himself and others. He knows a thing or two about goal setting, decision making, dealing with pressure and working out what’s important in life.

Episode 3 – Colin Myers

Are there any teams that work under greater pressure than an emergency department in a hospital? Colin is in charge of critical care at 4 major Brisbane hospitals. He opens up about leadership, working under the ultimate pressure, and putting together teams that save lives.

Episode 4 – Boo Holmes

Boo is an actor and communications expert. He coaches some big names across the diplomatic, sporting, legal and commercial worlds in how to improve the way they speak in public. As well as being a smashing chap, Boo is extremely instructive. There’s no way you can listen to this podcast without improving your communication skills!

Coming up!

Episode 5 – The man you want in your corner in a crisis (Tuesday 1 September)

Episode 6 – The Maestro (Tuesday 15 September)

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