109 – Why you really need a coach with Corrinne Armour

In this episode we’re talking about coaching. Business coaching has become a huge industry over the last decade. Choosing the right coach and knowing when you need one are not easy questions. It’s also incredibly important to know what you will get out of the process.

I wanted to help demystify this process by inviting back Corinne Armour to the show. Corrinne empowers leaders to realize the potential in their careers, teams and organisations. Corrine draws on over 15 years’ experience in the corporate world heading large teams and projects with budgets in excess of $80 million.

Back in episode 92 we talked about leaders who ask questions. And she returns to the podcast to tell us all about coaching.


The Leadership Ladder


 Some people will stay in that for a long period of time. And that’s why it’s it’s exhausting being at this level. Because you’re constantly thinking people are going to start to realize that I’m not as good as they think that I am.


It still takes a lot of effort to know what you’re doing. When we get past that we get to performing. And so by performing with a bit less effort, we can really start to get things done. We’re starting to achieve objectives.


With a bit less effort you can really start to get things done. You’re starting to achieve objectives. You know what you‘re here for.


You’ve got a clear purpose around your leadership. You really understand your strengths and you’re aware of your weaknesses. You build a team around that complements your skills.


You‘ve got a really solid understanding of yourself. You’re confident to speak out. And you‘ve got a very clear purpose. This allows you to get a huge amount of done. This kind of leader is in flow and things just seem to happen.

Different kinds of coaches

Some coaching programs where are way too focused your career only. But you’re more than your work. If there’s significant challenges going on in your personal life, then that’s going to impact your professional life. We are one person. There is not a personal self and a professional self. And people who tried too hard to maintain that usually come unstuck.




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