172 | Thriving in the second part of your life | Campbell Macpherson

In this episode we welcome back one of my all-time favourite guests Campbell Macpherson. I first spoke to Campbell last year in episode 161 where we discussed his book The Power to Change. This time, we’ll be talking about his latest book You: Part Two: Thriving in the second half of your life. And it is, I can confidently say, it’s another incredible read.

As I mention early in the episode, I started reading this book as preparation for the interview, but very quickly realised that this book was going to have a powerful impact on my life. As is true for everything we do, the way we approach the second half of our life will determine how it plays out.  That means being informed, positive, optimistic and disciplined.

As Campbell says, in an ageing society that is obsessed with youth, we have no intention of fading away. This is our time to shine. So if you’re older than about 40, you are coming close to the beginning of your second half. It’s time to embrace it. Plan for it and relish all the good stuff it will have to offer. And of course, to be aware of the challenges it will likely throw your way.

Lessons learned

Live well

It’s not about living for longer; it’s living well for longer. So, look after your body and mind. There are some obvious things. Not smoking or drinking too much and eating well. But there are less obvious tings too, like laughter. Laughter is a wonderful. There was a recent study in Norway, that found that women who laughed a lot were 50% less likely to die during the survey.

Radical acceptance

Fighting for your cause is great but there are somethings you will have to accept in a proactive radical way. Learn how to make the best of the things you cannot control. Our relationships change as we age.  People have to been together 30 years will suddenly say “I’m not sure you’re the person, I married anymore”. So, it’s about looking at yourself in the mirror, working out what your real strengths and values. What you’re great at? And what makes you special? What are the things that you’re never going to be good at? Can you accept that fact?

Believe in yourself

You can be rich and still despair internally. Despair can affect anyone at any time. Integrity comes from actually liking yourself. And from trusting yourself.



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