Episode 179 | The conversations you need to create the culture you want | Shane Hatton

Workplace culture is as familiar to us as water to a gold fish. But how well do we understand it? How accurately do we observe its causes and influences? And most importantly, how much impact can I, as a leader, have on the culture of my team?

These are great questions. And we have with me in this episode, a wonderful guest to match.

Shane Hatton is a repeat visitor to the Team Guru Podcast. He’s a leadership and communication expert. Even better than that, he’s a wonderful person to chat with.  His new book it titled Let’s Talk Culture: The conversations you need to create the team you want.

Shane Hatton is an expert in leader communication, blending his experience in business and psychology to help leaders communicate, connect and collaborate more effectively in order to bring out the best in those they lead. As a speaker, coach and trainer, Shane has partnered with well known and loved businesses across the NFP, public and private sectors. He is a Gallup certified strengths coach, member of the Forbes Global Coaches Council, founder of the People Leaders Network and the author of Lead The Room – Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter.

Lessons Learned

5 important questions

Expectation: How do I make the unspoken expectations, spoken?

Clarification: What are the behaviours we want to establish, eradicate and enhance?

Communication: What does this sound like in everyday language every single day?

Celebrate: If I celebrate this thing, this behaviour, this person, and it resulted in more of it, does that take us closer to the culture we want?

Confront? When you see cultural inconsistencies, how do you address it quickly so it doesn’t escalate

What is culture anyway?

There are four key elements that define culture.  First of all, we’re referring to something in a collective sense. You don’t have culture and I don’t have culture.  But we together have culture.  It’s about the way we do things. Not about the way I do things

Secondly, it has an unseen element to it. It’s our meanings or understandings.  It’s about our beliefs.  And it’s hard to point to a belief.  But they’re there and they influence everything.

But culture does have an observable element to it. So, when you talk about your culture, most of the things that people describe are the observable behaviors like not micromanaging.

 And the last element of culture is the fact that there is social learning aspect to it.  We can talk about things. We can point at things. We can see things, but at the end of the day, we learn from one another, what is accepted, what’s tolerated, what’s rejected.

The best quote about culture

“Two young goldfish are swimming along and an old goldfish comes the other way and says, “Morning boys! How’s the water?” And the young goldfish look at each other and say, “What’s water?” – David Foster Wallace




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