Time to refresh your internal communication?

For years we have been relying on intranet, emails and newsletters to carry the bulk of the internal communication load.

Does it work? Are there times in your organisation when key messages are simply not read or understood by the people affected – even after those messages have been lovingly presented on the company’s
intranet or through an organisation-wide email?

Is it time to embrace new media formats and do things a bit differently?

It’s estimated that the one billionth podcast was downloaded in 2014 – and they just continue to grow.

Did you know: People spend on average less than 1 minute on a webpage…and…17 minutes listening to a podcast.

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Podcasts are popular for a reason:

  • They are personal and engaging – someone is speaking to you, right into your headphones
  • They are flexible – the format can change week to week: new interviews; music; Q&As; employee profiles; organisational announcements – anything you can imagine
  • They are portable – while emails and intranets demand the attention of your eyes, podcasts can be downloaded to whatever device you like and played at your convenience –  in the car, while you’re cleaning the house, going for a run or where ever else you happen to be going
  • They can be publicly accessible or secure
  • Podcasts engage your mind and free your body

This is how your company’s very own podcast could sound:

Check out Team Guru’s Podcast service. We’ll work with you to develop and engaging, professional and effective podcast for your organisation.

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