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Your Company Podcast

Create your very own company podcast!


Team Guru can help you revolutionise your internal communications.


Intranets, emails and newsletters were great – but technology has moved on.


Imagine a weekly or monthly podcast that features:

  • Organisational announcements
  • Cultural messages
  • Employee profiles
  • Guest interviews
  • Professional development
  • Social diary
  • Staff Q&A

Or whatever else you can imagine…

…all produced in an entertaining format that staff can access at their leisure – driving in the car, at the gym, folding the washing.

The possibilities are endless!


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Why a Podcast?

The advantages of communicating via an internal podcast instead of traditional medium like newsletters and intranet are transformational. A podcast is alive and portable.

In 2014 it is estimated that the one billionth podcast was downloaded.

The enormous growth and success of the podcast phenomena comes down to the fact that it’s engaging on an intimate level – someone is talking to you, right into your headphones. And you only have to listen. You are free to drive the car, go for a run, fold the washing or lift weights in the gym.

Your Company Podcast - Team Guru


  • On average we spend less than 1 minute on a webpage
  • We spend 17 minutes listening to a podcast

How do you want to share your most important messages?

“Podcasts engage your mind and free your body”

We can help

Team Guru will help you through the entire process of producing a professional, entertaining and engaging company podcast.

Click here to hear some of the  Team Guru’s own podcasts on our website or

Team Guru Podcast available on iTunes

I’ll use the experience I’ve gain putting together this increasingly popular show – as well as the organisational expertise I have developed as a management consultant – where I specialised in team and leadership development.

I can help you with everything from designing the content, recording interviews, hosting, editing, producing and publishing.

We can stream your podcast on itunes – where the world can get to know your company better. Or we can tuck it away on a secure channel where only your employees can hear the messages you want to share.

Do you really want to rely on email & intranet?

When compared to the portable convenience of a podcast, web pages and email seem stale and needy. They simultaneously demand the attention of your eyes and confuse you with flashing boxes and clickable options…

…is there any wonder we spend so little time looking at a webpage?

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