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From Manager to Leader

From Manager to Leader

What is the difference between being a manager and being a leader? How can you take the leap from manager to leader?

Compared to ‘manager’, the word ‘leader’ seems so much more complete. Much more than dishing out orders. More professional. More sophisticated. More educated.

A manager is appointed. You are a manager by right of the org chat. Largely, your direct reports don’t have a choice but to be managed by you.

But leaders are a different story. People chose to be led. The org chart can’t make them.

So really, it’s not up to you to decide if you are a manager or a leader, it’s up to the people around you. All you can do is give them a reason to choose to be led by you.

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The Program

This 2-Day program is for individuals who are ready to take the cognitive, professional and personal leap from manager to leader.

Participants will step through a process that will leave them with a coherent plan for their path to Healthy Leadership:

  • Develop a vision for me as a leader
  • Find my inspirations and role models
  • Assess my core communication skills
  • Develop critical relationships
  • Harness my talents
  • Pursue authenticity

click here program pdf

A Portrait of Leadership Development

Listen in as I talk to one impressive leader – Prue Mackenzie – who describes the big lessons she has learned along her leadership journey.


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