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Healthy Leader Program

Healthy Leader Program

Developing the next generation of leaders within an organisation is the single biggest challenge across all industries.

Team Guru’s Healthy Leader Program takes participants on a journey that helps them understand the natural principles that lie at the very heart of effective leadership.

Do you want Leaders that…?

  • Have a deep awareness of themselves and their colleagues – inherent tendencies, strengths & weaknesses and team rolesTeam Guru - Healthy Leader Model
  • Shape and communicate clear vision – on an individual, team and organisational level
  • Are empathetic – towards their colleagues, clients and stakeholders, demonstrating an awareness of various perspectives
  • Have a firm set of values – that can be used as a filter for making decisions. Values that they are able to link to practical, observable behaviours
  • Are aware of the the context in which they operate – and how it can shape their behaviour and the behaviour of their colleagues

The Program

Team Guru’s comprehensive Healthy Leader program is delivered in five full-day workshops over a 6-10 week period.

The time between sessions is essential for the practical implementation of the concepts and ideas that are explored during the sessions.

This program brings to life the elements of the Healthy Leader Model. It facilitates personal reflection, the creation of a leadership vision and the development of a sustainable and proactive plan to fulfil that vision.

Our Journey

During the Healthy Leader Program participants will:

  • explore their experiences with leaders through their life time,
  • find inspiration from great leaders, theories and models,
  • develop a vision for themselves through exploring their best, authentic self,
  • apply theoretical and conceptual knowledge of leadership into their work,
  • develop tools and methods for reflecting on their leadership behaviours,
  • synthesise all of these experiences to develop their own personal model for leadership understanding, application and growth

A Portrait of Leadership Development

Check out the this Team Guru Podcast in which guest Ted Kwartler tells of his journey through leadership development – warts and all!

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